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Welcome to the Greek Fraternity and Sorority Wall of Greeks™

The First Ever Greek Fraternity and Sorority Online Time Capsule™”


HERE you will find the ‘Greek life’ information of Greek-letter organization members from around the world, complete with their schools, Greek-letter organizations, chapters, line names, crossing dates, and more!

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How do I enter?

  • Simply Sign the Wall of Greeks™ before the entry deadline below (must be an active or non-active member of an eligible Greek-letter organization*).

What happens after I enter?

  1. Your Wall Plate will be verified and, if eligible, added to the Wall of Greeks™ and entered into the #WOGcontest.
  2. When #WOGcontest voting begins, your Wall Plate will be posted in the order it was received.
  3. When you see your Wall Plate posted during the #WOGcontest week, simply like and share it so that you can garner as many votes as possible!

What are the entry and voting deadlines?

  • ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 03, 2017 @ 12am EST.
  • VOTING BEGINS: : Wednesday, October 04, 2017 @ 9am EST.
  • LAST DAY TO VOTE: Tuesday, October 11, 2017.


  1. All votes on Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram® count, so be sure to share on all social media mediums to maximize your votes!
  2. “Earliest entered, earliest posted.” The earlier your Sign the Wall of Greeks™, the longer your contest Wall Plate will be posted.  The longer your contest Wall Plate is posted, the more time your family, friends, fraters, and sorors have to vote for you, so ENTER EARLY!

What Can I Win?

Ready to enter the Wall of Greeks™ Contest?

Sign the Wall of Greeks Now

The Greek Fraternity and Sorority Online Time Capsule™

The Greek Fraternity and Sorority Online Time Capsule™

See the Wall of Greeks™

Use the date that you signed when scrolling through the Wall to search and find your name faster!

Sign the Wall of Greeks™

And have your Greek-life legacy potentially engraved within the Greek Fraternity and Sorority Online Time Capsule™.*

* Restrictions apply.  Shopping spree excludes computers and all items on sale.  Falsifying your entry will result in banishment from all future National Greek Awards™ and SBI Winners™ contests.  PLEASE NOTE: In order to have your ‘Greek life’ legacy engraved on the Wall, you must be a member (meaning that your name is listed as such in your organization’s national records, be you currently active or inactive) of a nationally-recognized Greek-letter organization which has a minimum of 25 years in existence and/or 50 verifiable active chapters and an active national office.

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