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About the Greek All-Star™ Awards™

The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ is the national standard for awarding the highest levels of individual academic excellence, community service involvement, team performance, and career achievement within the Greek Fraternity and Sorority world.
Handpicked by the Greek fraternity and sorority members of the Hall of Greeks™ Awards Academy™ and individuals across the world, this All-Star-studded red-carpet awards event showcases yearly “The All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™.”
This unique, red carpet event brings individuals of different fraternities and sororities, groups, ethnicities, and genders all together for a huge, celebratory evening of warmth, cheers, empowerment, awarding of accomplishments, and overwhelming support of the achievements of individual Greek-letter organizations and the members who represent them.

The goals of the Greek All-Star™ Awards™ are:

  1. To help to negate the perpetuated “negative” stereotypes of Greek-letter organization members being supposedly party goers, excessive drinkers, and hazers, and spread the truth about the beauty and positive power of these Greek-letter honors, honorary, social, and community service organizations of which these unfairly-judged individuals are members.
  2. To help to place and keep the focus of Greek-letter organization members on that for which their organizations were founded, such as, but not limited to, academics and community service.
  3. Give middle and high school students collegiate role models so as to help those students make the wise decision to seek higher education.

GASA History:

Awarding the All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™

Awarding the All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™

The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ is an evolved concept for elite Greek-letter organization members and step teams that began in mid 1999 when Tim Carthon’s most recent stepping choreography (performed by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity®, Inc., Delta Xi Chapter) received a flawless performance score, said to be the first ever in university history.  He wanted to take stepping choreography to new heights with this concept, but…READ MORE…

About Our Founder:

Step Master Tim Carthon is the National Greek All-Star™  Awards Founder and current Executive Director.  A multi-dimensional, outside-of-the-box-forming, confident, hardworking, creative visionary, his legendary step show choreography is and has been used by multiple organizations nationwide. Since 1991, he has choreographed and/or performed in over 40 Step Shows.  Tim Carthon is a made man in…READ MORE…

The “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™:

Created by the Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Founder, this one-of-a-kind “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™ (or “3T”) uses a unique 3-Tier system of events and programs combined to systematically train young students in several subject matters and character traits (ranging from Leadership to Patience, all the way through the exclusive…READ MORE…

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