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Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Additional Award Winners

In previous years, the GASA offered several non-Greek-All-Star™-related awards for excellence, hard work, and dedication in non-Greek-letter-organization-related fields.  These awards were given via one (1) of four (4) ways: 

  1. The MVP Award Winners (Currently Discontinued)
  2. Sponsorship Contest Winners (Prizes varied ~ Currently Discontinued)
  3. Full Scholarship Recipients (Prizes Vary)
  4. Insta-scholarship™ Winners (Prizes Vary)

What is an Insta-Scholarship™? Insta-scholarships™ are small-money scholarships given instantly and at random through contests by the Greek All-Star™ Awards™ on any given day of the week to a Student who has liked and/or is following us via our social media pages.  The Student who follows the instructions given for that particular scholarship contest and/or is first doing it wins the Insta-scholarship™!

Below you will find those award and prize winners, including MVPs (Most Valuable Personnel), scholarship recipients, and contest winners.  Have any questions?  Feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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