“Dear Black Woman…”: Homage to the Queens

“Dear Black Woman…”: Homage to the Queens

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #6: Lifestyle)


God created you.

Out of the many things that he took time to create and perfect, YOU were literally the last thing he made, after a creating a man.  He knew a man could not be all he was called to be without placing a counterpart by his side.  You were HIS last objective in creation and he took his time with you. Once his work was completed he saw that you were pleasing in his sight and HE rested.

With this truth in mind, never sell yourself short.

Your purpose is so much greater than merely living out your own goals and dreams.  You have a vast amount of responsibilities, but the main objective is understanding that you are not, nor have you ever been a mistake or accident.  Loving God requires self-love to be in the mixture as well.

As a product of HIM, it is impossible to say that YOU LOVE HIM, but HATE YOURSELF at the same time. If you hate yourself, you are implying that you are not pleased with Gods intent in creating you. The pigment of your skin is
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