Intention -vs.- Perception: The Saga Continues

Intention -vs.- Perception: The Saga Continues

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #5: Lifestyle)

Intention -vs.- Perception - The Saga Continues

As time has progressed, I have come to the understanding that the concept of “Say what you mean and mean what you say” has become somewhat extinct in today’s society.  We live in an era where it is extremely hard to take someone at their word when they say something.

•  Is it because they can’t be trusted?
•  Are we indirectly more paranoid than we are willing to admit?
•  Do we place ourselves so much higher than others that we force them to “prove” certain things through action, but not being willing to do the same in return?

In my opinion, I feel that there can be a “yes” to all these questions, although it may vary from person to person.

Intention and Perception is a problem based on the idea that there is a giver and a receiver in order for intention and perception.  I feel there are some key factors to take into consideration when it comes to making sure both parties are on the same page.

GIVER: It is your responsibility to disclose the information being stated in a way that is clear cut and precise.  If there is something you need to say to a person, before saying the first thing that comes to mind, try forming the statement in a few different ways and choosing the one that is least confrontational, leaves no room for confusion and(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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