Life Lesson #2: C.A.N.T. (Commonly Associated with Negative Thinkers)

Life Lesson #2: C.A.N.T. (Commonly Associated with Negative Thinkers)

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #3: Lifestyle)

C.A.N.T. (Commonly Associated with Negative Thinkers) - Copy

As time has progressed in my life, along with the expansion of knowledge I have gained, I have come to observe that some of the smallest words in the English language tend to carry a very powerful message in both negative and positive ways.  Of the many words I have taken time to really analyze, I seem to have the most disdain for the word CANT.

Can’t is a GENERATIONAL TERM that has destroyed the lives of many people throughout time.  Culturally speaking, the African-American race, along with many others, has suffered mental enslavement from this word.  When you are in a situation where you are forced away from your country, family, and way of living to a land unfamiliar to you to be a slave, there is not much to believe in.  Those responsible for these actions understood this concept all too well and used it as a catalyst to make the concept of telling a slave what they CAN’T do a reality.  Not every person chose to accept CAN’T as an answer.  Through many acts of bravery, fights for freedom, and equality, the(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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