Life Lesson #3: The Purpose In Purpose

Life Lesson #3: The Purpose In Purpose

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #4: Lifestyle)

Life Lesson #3 - The Purpose in Purpose

One of the most powerful aspects of life that we as humans are constantly seeking to find out within ourselves, our environments, our relationships & about life itself is one word:


Purpose in the noun form is stated as follows:

  • The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exist
  • A person’s sense of resolve or determination
  • A particular requirement or consideration, typically one that is temporary or restricted on scope or extent

Purpose in the verb form is stated as follows:

  • Have as one’s intention or objective

As I have gone through my personal walk of life, I have come to the understanding that there are specific principals that we may or may not take into consideration when it comes to us discovering our true purpose.  Here is my perspective.

  1. PURPOSE IS POWERFUL: To know that everybody on the face of the earth has been put here to fulfill a specific path, job, role, title or journey is an amazing concept within itself. The fact that many of these roles we play on a daily basis are the same from a title standpoint, but(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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