Life Lesson #4: Each One Teach One

Life Lesson #4: Each One Teach One

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #9: Lifestyle)

Life Lesson #4 - Each One Teach One

This post today is somewhat of a venting session for me. My biggest pet peeve in the world right now deals with the youth of this generation and how older people are quicker to judge them, rather than be a beacon of light in their lives.

It seems as though, as generations pass on, there is a huge generational gap that is widening day by day.  It is my worry that if we as adults and people don’t take out more time from our “busy” lives to be an example for these youth who we often overlook, then whatever hope there is to cling on will be nonexistent .

Professionally, I work with young people ages 12-19 on a daily basis. These youth come from all different dynamics and backgrounds. Although their living situations may differ, whether internally or externally, they have more in common than even they are willing to admit.

My office is currently located where people in society would classify the area as “the hood” or “the ghetto”.  Yes there is gang activity, drug activity, crime and police constantly on patrol, but I have never let that stop me from pursuing one of my many passions which is helping youth be the greatest individual they can be. With this idea in mind, here are some ideas and ways we can help these youth achieve that goal.

SHOW GENUINE CONCERN FOR THEIR FUTURE. The easiest way to get a young person to buy in to any information you have to offer them is to first develop a real RELATIONSHIP with them. All youth troubled or not, have a(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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