Worried About Haters? THRIVE!

Worried About Haters? THRIVE!

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By Brad Mitchell (Blog #11: Lifestyle)


For some odd reason, in these days and times, one of the few ways you will know if you are doing something right in life is by knowing whether you have haters. A person claiming to have haters is very common.  Personally, I don’t care that much about the matter directly, but I learned a long time ago that I was different in the sense of how I look at life and view the world.

The degree of validation people gain from knowing that someone is living day to day with hate towards them is quite alarming to me. The glorification of haters is at an all-time high in my opinion, but I feel as though there are deeper matters that require attention and awareness.  There is one aspect in regards to the Hater -vs.- The Hated relationship that really blows my mind. It seems these days that the hated do more investigation on their haters than their haters do back on them.

I have heard conversations where people will give out so many specifics about their haters that it really leaves me in amazement. Government names, current addresses, places of employment, number of kids they have, vehicles/ license plate numbers & on a few rare occasions, social security information. My response to this is…(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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