Comeback Power

Comeback Power

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By Tavon Harris (Blog #9: Lifestyle)

Comeback Power

As the semester begins and the routine turns back into reality, I find it is important to have a vision and goal going forward.

I believe the reason we settle for things that we know do not benefit our lives is because of fear, doubt, and the harsh reality of failing. When you realize your ability and worth, you expand your vision and look within and resolve to yourself that you have something within you that can enable you to be stronger and more powerful than anything around you.

“Come Back Power!”; something inside you that can enable you, that forces you to be better and stronger than anything out here.

Surround yourself with those people who feed your success and vision.  If you are serious about your success, get serious about effort to make that dream come true.

Once you know who you are, you(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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