The ‘Letter’ That Reshaped History

The ‘Letter’ That Reshaped History

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By Tavon Harris (Blog #6: Lifestyle)

The 'Letter' That Reshaped History

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I still believe one of the greatest things a human can posses is knowledge, and it is with this knowledge we understand the root of many of our issues today and stop the cycle known as oppression.

To deeply and richly understand history and the development of today’s norms, classes and statutes, we are to look at the pioneer.  The British slave owner who had that much hate for African-Americans as a people, came up with a “fool proof method” of how to control and enslave a vulnerable population for years to come.

This explains our hatred for one another because it had been instilled in us.

We have been conditioned even within our own culture to dislike our race, discredit our history.  The only real changes we are seeing are the ones who are fighting harder to stay the same. David Banner said that the black population is the only race who takes advice of how to get out of oppression from the very people who oppress us.

The deeper issue is(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


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