My Racist MLK Day

My Racist MLK Day

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By Tim Carthon (Blog #28: Racism)


Today, my company was suppose to put out a press release about how we are helping aspiring writers, who are members of an eligible Greek-letter organization, to expand their reader base by joining forces with the National Greek Awards™.  I was really looking forward to sharing that with all of my Greek-Life friends and colleagues.  Sadly, a temporary cloud decided to rear its ugly, but not unfamiliar head, and I felt it necessary to first shine a light on and through that darkness.

I cannot remember their name, but there was a comedian who said that yes, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was all about non-violence, but if you drove down any street named after him, there would definitely be some violence going on.

Unfortunately, it seems the same goes for racism on any MLK Day.

I’ve noticed over the years how racism seems to get turned up on the day of one of the most non-violent, prominent figures in American history.  It is as though the privileged feel attacked when they are reminded of the atrocities of slavery, genocide, and oppression done by their ancestors and the American economic, political, judicial, and ‘law enforcement’ systems that both directly and indirectly perpetuate those atrocities to this day.  And those of the privileged who are fueled to the fullest by the depths of bigotry and misdirected rage seem to use…(CLICK HERE to Read More…).

Tim Carthon; Author, Educator

Tim Carthon

Tim Carthon; Advocate, Speaker, Author, Educator

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