Would You Have Killed This ‘Kid’?

Would You Have Killed This ‘Kid’?

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By Tim Carthon (Blog #21: Police/Law Enforcement)

Fake Prescription Death Video

Saddened.  Torn.  Exhausted.  Simply exhausted.

*Sigh.  A big sigh seems to be all that I can muster nowadays.  How do we even feel about situations like this anymore?  Can we even feel at all?

From what was reported yesterday by the Baltimore Sun, the police stated that the suspect, Keith McLeod, “…was shot to death by a Baltimore County police officer in Reisterstown Wednesday after trying to pass off a fake prescription at a pharmacy, then running from the officer…

In the video above, the officer looks as though he’s defending himself, and he definitely has that lawful right to do so not just as an officer, but as a citizen of the United States of America, if he in fact is one.  However, to me the question is not whether or not one has a right to self-defense, but more about what type of defense is used when exercising that right?

Gun deaths in this country have become so normal to where onset numbness has begun even in the individuals who have the biggest hearts.  Sadly, an unfortunate amount of these gun deaths are by(CLICK HERE to Read More…).

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