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Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Categories

The Greek All-Star™ Awards™ prides itself on seeking out and publicly recognizing those Greek-letter organization members who selflessly give their time, energy, and effort to others in the name of service.  These types of selfless acts, along with academic excellence, upper-echelon performance prowess, and monumental career achievements, help build and strengthen the foundations on which the organizations, which these unique individuals serve, were founded.  Below are the different awards available to be earned by these Greek-letter organization members*.

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 Award Name*                                           Number of the Awards


MVG™ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  1

National Greek All-Stars™ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11

All-Star Step Teams™ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  5

Presidential All-Stars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  6

Society of Step Masters™ Inductees ~~~~~~~~~~  11

Graduate Chapter All-Stars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  2

(GFS Hall of Fame™ Inductees – 2019) ~~~~~~~~~ 11

MVO Award (Best Fraternities/Sororities) ~~~~~~~~   6

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* Awards, award categories, and number of awards are subject to change at any moment, with notice.  All pictures/photos/images and videos are the property of Carthon Choreography™ LLC or are posted with permission from their owner(s). Copying, downloading, selling, and/or distributing any of them without the express written consent of Carthon Choreography™ or their respective owner(s) is strictly prohibited.  All rights reserved.

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