• GOLDen Goals: 2016 Keys to Success
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    By Brad Mitchell (Blog #1: Lifestyle)

    GOLDen Goals, 2016 Keys to Success

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you all!!

    It’s 2016 which sets up the subject of “Resolutions” for the year. I am not a big fan of the term Resolutions because it implies that there was or is a problem currently taking place. In this case it is more realistic to handle the Resolutions to those problems in that moment (2015) rather than waiting until an entirely new year to resolve the problems at hand.

    Instead, I prefer to refer to my road map for the new year as my GOLDen Goals. I would like to share them with you all and hopefully you can incorporate these items into your day-to-day life as well.

    1. Seek GOD in ALL you do: For those who follow me that are believers, you all know that I wouldn’t be me without including God as the first piece of the puzzle in my GOLDen Goals. Matthew 6:33 is the first key to success. Internalize that scripture and it will give you direction!!
    2. Live a LOVE-based lifestyle: In a world where negativity gets more attention than positivity, it is important to make sure that EVERY aspect of life is approached from a LOVE based perspective. Love encourages positivity, which in turn creates an environment of positivity for all those you encounter.
    3. Keep a constant…(CLICK HERE to Read More)


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