Lighting Specialist (Internship)

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  • Lighting Specialist (Internship)

Start Date:

  • TBA

End Date:  

  • TBA


  • TBA and discussed (Flexible)

Criteria (Subject to Change):

  • Must be fluent in lighting sequence software.
  • Must be a competent, driven, RELIABLE, trustworthy individual.
  • Must have access to a home computer or laptop.
  • Must have access to secured Internet when using home computer/laptop.
  • Must have mobile phone with texting capability and texting plan.
  • Must be technologically savvy (i.e., texting, social networking, email, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, etc.).

 Duties (Subject to Change):

  • Professionalism, professionalism, professionalism.
  • To design and control lighting sequences (all instantly the property of Carthon Choreography™ LLC) for all stage performances by Greek All-Stars™ Awards™ National Teams and participants, company youth programs and events, and also as needed for all rehearsals, rehearsal interviews and photo shoots, during traveling, seminars, workshops, and keynote speaking engagements, exhibitions, performances, and media events as instructed by the Greek All-Stars™ Awards™ Owner and/or Executive Director.
  • Works closely with Stage Manager.
  • Attend all in-person, telephone, videophone, Internet, or otherwise weekly meetings as instructed.
  • Digitally submit a one (1) page “Monthly Internship Experience”Activity Log at the end of every month.
  • Digitally submit a three-five (3-5) page, detailed “Self-Assessment of Professional Growth” Evaluation at the end of your Internship.
  • Be open and flexible to sudden adjustments in schedule and duties.


  • WORK EXPERIENCE: Intern receives vital work experience which will aid them in transitioning to/enhancing their job opportunities not only in this field, but in several additional leadership positions.
  • MONETARY COMPENSATION: This position gives no monetary compensation, and you applying for this position means that you understand such.
  • RECOMMENDATION*: Written All-Star Recommendation from the National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Executive Director (*If your job performance warrants the recommendation).

**Apply for This Position**

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