Stage Crew Member

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  • Stage Crew Member

Start Date:

  • TBA

End Date:  

  • TBA


  • TBA and discussed (Flexible)

Criteria (Subject to Change):

  • Physical mobility and ability to lift things above average, everyday weight.
  • Visual arts experience preferred, but not required.
  • Must be a competent, driven, RELIABLE, trustworthy individual.
  • Must have access to a home computer or laptop.
  • Must have access to secured Internet when using home computer/laptop.
  • Must have mobile phone with texting capability and texting plan.
  • Must be technologically savvy (i.e., texting, social networking, email, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, etc.).

 Duties (Subject to Change):

  • Professionalism, professionalism, professionalism.
  • Assists in creating, building, maintaining, putting up, and breaking down all Greek All-Stars™ Awards™ stage production props, sets, and materials.
  • Is under direct supervision of the Stage/Production Manager
  • Be open and flexible to sudden adjustments in schedule and duties.

Please Note:

  • Insubordination, failure to be at your assigned post(s) and be there on time, or any other thing(s) deemed by the All-Star Awards Committee to be negative (on the part of the Stage/Production Crew Member) to the success of the event and/or reputation of the event, its management, and/or its participants may result in immediate removal from the facility and an up-to 3-year ban on awards/participant selection and/or event participation.


  • WORK EXPERIENCE: Volunteer receives vital work experience which will aid them in transitioning to/enhancing their job opportunities not only in this field, but in several additional leadership positions.
  • MONETARY COMPENSATION: This position gives no monetary compensation, and you applying for this position means that you understand such.

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