Apply For a National Greek Awards™ Writing/Blogging Position

Are you an amazing writer?

Do you have a great writing or video blog to which you’d like to get more exposure and traffic?

Apply for a writing/blogging position with us and have your writings placed in front of tens of thousands of readers every month!  Although an unpaid position, the legitimacy of having your writings published on the site of the national standard for academic, community service, performance prowess, and career excellence and achievement within the Greek fraternity and sorority realm will help catapult you and your writing career to new heights.

Do I have to be a ‘Greek fraternity and sorority subject matter’ writer or vlogger?

No, you do not.  However, you do need to be a member of an eligible Greek-letter organization.  And the best part: Although there is no monetary compensation from us for your writings, it costs you nothing to have your writings and video blogs posted and featured on our site, but can help you to gain EVERYTHING in notoriety of your skills, website, and vlogs!



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