Frequently Asked Graduating Greeks Feature Week™ Questions

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Frequently Asked Graduating Greeks Feature Week™ Questions

This Year’s Prizes:

How do I enter?

  1. Submit your photo using the form found on the GGFW entry page (*Rights of use permission is required).
  2. Direct message your photo to us @GreekAwards on any of our social media pages (Twitter®Facebook®, or Instagram®).

Who is eligible to enter?

To enter a photo into this fiscal year’s Graduating Greeks Feature Week™ Contest and/or be eligible to win any prize(s), you must qualify for ALL of the following:

  1. You must be a member of a Greek-letter organization that is at least 25 years old and/or has at least 50 chapters and a verifiable national office.
  2. You must have graduated or be about to graduate during the CURRENT fiscal year.
  3. You must have a graduation photo with a VISIBLE graduation cap (also known as a mortarboard, square academic cap, or Oxford cap), a VISIBLE graduation sash WITH GREEK LETTERS ON IT, or both (both are preferred).

DO YOU QUALIFY TO ENTER?  Then find your best graduation photo with the highest, clearest resolution and submit it today!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING ENTRY:  If you do not submit ALL of the information and submit it COMPLETELY, your entry will not be processed.  Please follow ALL instructions to the letter to ensure entry into this year’s GGFW contest.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF THE UPCOMING ENTRANTS!


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