The Duplicable Leader

The Duplicable Leader

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By Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th (Blog #2: Greek Life)

The Duplicable Leader

According to the Free Dictionary, the word, “duplicable” is defined as “identically copied from an original”.  A leader must be one that has “mini-mes” in their organization.  No, not robots or clones but people with their energy, their style.  The organization should be a direct reflection of its leader.

If the leader is energetic and charismatic, then 9 times out of 10 the organization will be energetic and charismatic.  If the leader is sad and tired, then the organization will reflect the same.  The leader duplicates themselves by setting the tone of the organization through their leadership style.

A wise leader also duplicates themselves on an individual level.  They’re forward thinking in knowing that they will not always be in that role. Someday, someone else must takeover the reins.  However, many organizations either have leaders who are past their prime in their roles because no one is poised to replace them or that leader has not invested time to groom a replacement.

Many people ask, “How do I know who to groom to be a leader?  Better yet, who do I groom to be my replacement?”  Good questions.  In order to identify the leaders, YOU as the leader must…(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th.

Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th.

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