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Welcome to Greek Life!

Below you will find Greek Life Group Photos from multiple Greek-letter organizations and their chapters around the world.  Click on any link to pull up that particular photos page.  Want to add more photos to any of the Greek life group photos pages?  CLICK HERE.

REMEMBER: You don’t have to be a member of any Greek-letter organization to submit photos.  You just need to be the sole-owner of those photos.

So, if you have any royalty-free Greek-life group photos of any eligible Greek-letter organizations you’d like to submit, be sure to Submit Your Photos Here Today!*

Greek Life Group Photos

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Community Service Photos

Educational Photos

Formal Photos

Relaxed Photos

* “Eligible Greek-letter organization means an organization with at least 25 years in existence and a verifiable national headquarters -and/or- an organization that has at-least 50 chapters worldwide and a verifiable national headquarters.  All pictures/photos/images and videos are the property of Carthon Choreography™ LLC or are posted with permission from their respective owner(s).  Copying, downloading, screen-shotting, selling, duplicating in any way, and/or distributing any of them without the express written consent of Carthon Choreography™ LLC or their respective owner(s) is strictly and expressly prohibited.  All rights reserved.

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