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Welcome to our Press Room.  Click any of the links below to see news, information, announcements, and scheduled events pertaining to the Greek All-Star™ Awards™, our programs, affiliates,  external community education collaborations, and more.

June 12, 2019

History Made During The 2019 #GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™

August 04, 2018

The 2018 #GraduatingGreeks Take Their Feature Week By Storm

April 12, 2018

The National Greek Awards™ Begins its 2018 ‘#GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™’ Countdown

June 10, 2017
Amazing Greek-Life Graduates Shine During the 2017 #GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™

January 25, 2016
Fiverr® and GBS Bureau Member Reach Extended ‘Inner-City Education’ Deal

January 20, 2016:
The National Greek Awards™ Moves to Help ‘Greek’ Writers

December 28, 2015:
GASA Launches New ‘Bait-and-Switch’ Greek-Life Product

December 23, 2015:
Fivver®-Sponsored Business Workshop Series Ends 2015 Strong

December 03, 2015:
Fivver®-Sponsored Business Workshop Comes to Toledo’s Inner City

November 02, 2015:
Fivver® Sponsors Small Business Workshop for Detroit’s Inner-City Residents

September 08, 2015:
GASA Founder and Largest Online Services Marketplace Team Up to Help Start 50 Inner-City Businesses

May 08, 2015:
The Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Launches ‘Greek Graduation Feature Week’

February 23, 2015:
The New, Upgraded is Here

December 19, 2014:
The GASA Begins Development of their New, Upgraded Website

July 10, 2014:
YGLP™ Students Shine at the CTAG Summer Bridge Awards Program

June 16, 2014:
The GASA’s YGLP™ Joins the CTAG Summer Bridge Program

August 12, 2013:
GASA Launches New Performing Arts Program

June 22, 2013:
YGLP™ Students Perform at Call and Post Juneteenth Festival

March 19, 2013:
GASA Executive Director Writes New Curriculum for Exclusive Youth Program

January 15, 2013:
New Young Greek Leadership Program™ Logo Unveiled

January 01, 2013:
GASA Executive Director Joins the Great Black Speakers Bureau

December 14, 2012:
Company Statement Regarding Connecticut Elementary School Tragedy

July 15, 2012:
The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Welcomes its Newest Partner

April 08, 2012:
The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Joins the 2012 ULGC College Tour

February 16, 2012:
The GASA Adds the Finishing Piece to its New “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™

June 22, 2011:
The National Greek All-Star Awards Secures Another 2011 Partnership

June 05, 2011:
The National Greek All-Star Awards Announces Its Newest 2011 Partnership

May 30, 2011:
The GASA Announces Its 2011 Awards Event Launch Date and Host

February 20, 2011:
Announcing the “Countdown to the 2011 National Greek All-Star™ Awards™” Black College Tour

January 24, 2011:
The National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards® and Partner Announce New Youth Training Program

January 19, 2011:
The National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards® Announces New Website Launch

October 14, 2010:
The National Launch of the Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Rescheduled for 2011

September 23, 2010:
The 2010 National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Secures Partnership With ULGC

September 13, 2010:
The Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Selects Its Exclusive 2010 H.S. Guest Performer

September 06, 2010:
The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Announces 2010 Selection Process Revisions

August 13, 2010:
Countdown to the 2010 National Greek All-Star™ Red Carpet Event Has Begun!

April 20, 2010:
2010 National Greek All-Star Auditions and Rehearsals Rescheduled

April 12, 2010:
Joint U.K./U.S.A. Interview for All-Star Showcase Executive Director

April 11, 2010:
GFA Becomes Lead Partner for 2010 All-Star Showcase

April 06, 2010:
2010 Greek All Star™ Audition and Rehearsal Schedules Announced

February 21, 2010:
Greek All-Star Co-MVG™ Leads Step Team to National Victory

February 05, 2010:
PBI To Sponsor The 3rd Annual Greeks United! All-Star Greek Step Showcase®

November 09, 2009:
Showcase Executive Director Makes a”Unique” Arts- Education Connection

September 16, 2009:
Radio Cardiff To Interview Showcase Executive Director

February 24, 2008:
The 2008 Greek Showcase All-Stars Emphatically Command the Masonic Stage

February 14, 2008:
The 2008 Greek All-Stars Wow Students at Dunbar and Stivers High Schools

January 28, 2008:
Tim Carthon’s Greek All-Stars™ Showcase Their Skills to Urban Community High Schools

January 05, 2008:
PBI To Sponsor The 2nd Annual Greeks United! All-Star Greek Step Showcase®

April 06, 2006:
Inaugural Greeks United! All-Star Greek Step Showcase®, Sponsored by PBI, a Huge Success

March 15, 2006:
Premier Budgeting International™ Sponsors Inaugural Greeks United! All-Star Greek Step Showcase®

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