The National GFS Achievement Awards™ Announces 2010 Audition and Rehearsal Schedules

The National GFS Achievement Awards™ Announces 2010 Audition and Rehearsal Schedules

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Awarding the All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™

CLEVELAND, OH – April 06, 2010 – The All-Star Greek Step Showcase™ announces that the 2010 National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Achievement Awards™ and Performing Arts Extravaganza Audition and Personnel Application Submission Times, Dates, Place, and Schedule are now available.  Click Here to audition for one of the forty-four 2010 National Greek All-Star™ positions or apply for a Showcase Personnel position.

2010 All-Star Showcase auditions and rehearsals will be held at the Carthon Fellowship Banquet and Concert Hall, located at 11022 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, OH 44104.  “This will be the first year that the All-Star Greek Showcase is done on a nation scale, and we’re very excited about its expansion,” says Tim Carthon, All-Star Showcase Executive Director, “This will allow for another level of Greek organization and other organization and corporate participation and choreographed creativity.”

Here are two important All-Star Showcase criteria: You must be a member of AT LEAST ONE of the selected and participating Greek Organizations in order to audition for this year’s All-Star Showcase. However, you DO NOT need to be a member of any Greek-letter organization in order to apply for a Showcase: “Limited Edition” Personnel position.  All other criteria are contained within the All-Star Showcase Audition and Personnel Packets, which individuals wishing to participate can download after their Audition and Personnel online registration.

The 3rd Annual Greeks United! All-Star Greek Step Showcase® is scheduled to be held this Summer in Cleveland, OH.  Contact the All-Star Greek Showcase for Showcase personnel, sponsorship, partnership, events dates, and more information.

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About the Greek All-Star™ Awards™

The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ is the national standard for the highest levels of individual academic excellence, community service involvement, team performance, and career achievement within the Greek Fraternity and Sorority world.  Handpicked by the members of the Hall of Greeks™ Awards Academy™ and members of the Greek fraternity and sorority world abroad, this All-Star-studded red-carpet awards event showcases yearly “The All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™.”  READ MORE…

The Greek All-Star™ Awards™, also known as the National Greek Awards™ and the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards®, is a privately held subsidiary of Carthon Choreography™ headquartered in Ohio.


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