The GASA Adds the Finishing Piece to its New “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™

The GASA Adds the Finishing Piece to its New “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™

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The Speed Steppin'™ Showdown™

CLEVELAND, OH – February 16, 2012 – The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ announces the creation of the third and final piece to its all-new “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™: The Speed Steppin’™ Showdown™.

Created by the National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Founder and Executive Director, the Speed Steppin’™ Showdown™ (S3) is an event that targets at-risk teens and college Greek-letter organizations and gives them a way to represent their school with pride, be successful in the realm of performing arts, and, for the at-risk teens, points their focus toward institutions of higher learning and specific aspects of them, with which they will soon come into contact.

This exclusive event mixes the art of stepping with the pressure of a shot clock; bringing up-to 20 Step Teams together, high-schools for one competition, college-students for the other, to compete for five large cash prizes in the only ‘Team-to-Time’ step show ever seen,” says Tim Carthon, Event Creator and Director.


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About the Greek All-Star™ Awards™

The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ is the national standard for the highest levels of individual academic excellence, community service involvement, team performance, and career achievement within the Greek Fraternity and Sorority world.  Handpicked by the members of the Hall of Greeks™ Awards Academy™ and members of the Greek fraternity and sorority world abroad, this All-Star-studded red-carpet awards event showcases yearly “The All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™.”  READ MORE…

The Greek All-Star™ Awards™, also known as the National Greek Awards™ and the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards®, is a privately held subsidiary of Carthon Choreography™ headquartered in Ohio.


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