The National Greek Awards™ Moves to Help ‘Greek’ Writers

The National Greek Awards™ Moves to Help ‘Greek’ Writers

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CLEVELAND, OH – January 20, 2016 – The Greek All-Star™ Awards™ today announced the launching of its Contributing Writers Guild.  The GASA Contributing Writers Guild is a group of individual, independent writers who are members of eligible Greek-letter organizations from around the world.  The CWG is designed to put a spotlight on unseen, passionate writers, with that passion being used to help educate the public on important local, national, and international subject matters, no matter how big to some or small to others those subject matters may be.

There are a multitude of amazing, independent writers out there whose works aren’t able to be appreciated by the viewing public simply because of audience reach,” says Tim Carthon, National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Executive Director, “With our new Contributing Writers Guild, we are now able to help writers who are members of eligible Greek-letter organizations expand their audience using our extended Greek-Life network as their new starting point.  After which, it’s off to the reader races for them.  New content for us plus new readers for them equal a win for us both, and a win for the viewing public.”

CWG Members’ writings will be submitted and featured on weekly.  The first five (5) CWG Members have already been approved, two (2) of which have submitted their first pieces to be featured this week: Anthony B. Mitchell and Tavon Harris, both proud members of the first historically African-American social Greek-letter organization Alpha Phi Alpha® Fraternity, Inc.

To become a National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Contributing Writer, applicants must fit both a specific Greek-letter organization membership and writing skills criteria.  If you currently have a blog and are interested in becoming a member of the GASA Contributing Writers Guild, you can APPLY HERE.

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About the Greek All-Star™ Awards™

The National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ is the national standard for the highest levels of individual academic excellence, community service involvement, team performance, and career achievement within the Greek Fraternity and Sorority world.  Handpicked by the members of the Hall of Greeks™ Awards Academy™ and members of the Greek fraternity and sorority world abroad, this All-Star-studded red-carpet awards event showcases yearly “The All-Stars of Greek Fraternities and Sororities™.”  READ MORE…

The Greek All-Star™ Awards™, also known as the National Greek Awards™ and the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards®, is a privately held subsidiary of Carthon Choreography™ headquartered in Ohio.


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