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Along with our community partners, sponsors, and supporters, the Greek All-Star™ Awards™ hosts several programs and events commonly known as the “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™ (or “3T”) programs and events.

The “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™, or 3T, uses a unique 3-Tier system of events and programs combined to systematically train young students in several subject matters and character traits (ranging from Leadership to Patience, all the way through the exclusive “E.I.F.R. Perspective™).

It also brings both young and older Greek-letter fraternity and sorority members together and keeps their Greek-life fire burning brightly using a well-known field of performing arts only synonymous to them: Stepping.

Click on any of our 3T programs and events below to see more information.

Tier #1: Stepping: The Art Form™ Program:

Tier 2: The Speed Steppin’™ Showdown™:

Tier 3: The Young Greek Leadership Program™:

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