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Stepping: The Art Form™ Program Cost

School-Related STAF Program

Aleah Davis; Previous "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™ Student and Most Valuable Student Award Winner

Aleah Davis; Previous “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™ Student and Most Valuable Student Award Winner

(For School Administrators) There are a numerous determining factors for the cost of the STAF Program™, ranging from the number of students to the amount of time per Session. However…

…for public school STAF Programs™ (programs contracted by the school and the school district), there is no cost to the participants selected.

The cost for the participants is absorbed by the contract between the STAF Program™ and each individual school or outside entity funding the program.  Below is the current cost of the program for the schools:

The ’30-for-33′ STAF Program™ Discount

What is the ’30-for-33′ STAF Program™ Discount?


For a limited time and limited amount of schools, contracted schools will receive an exclusive offer of up-to-30 Students, per program, for only 33% of our STAF Program’s regular cost, for two terms!*


  • Regular Yearly Student Allowance: Up-to Fifteen (15) Students
  • Regular Yearly Program Cost: $14,000



  • ’30-for-33′ Discount Student Allowance: Up-to Thirty (30) Students
    You get double the Students!)

  • ’30-for-33′ Discount Schedule: Two (2) Hours After School, One Day Per Week -or- One (1) Hour During School, Two Days Per Week.

  • ’30-for-33′ Discount STAF Program™ COST: $4,665
    Only $4.86 Per Student, Per Session!)

Contact Us today so we can secure your place for the upcoming school year as one of the eight ’30-for-33′ Discounted STAF Program™ schools!

(*Discount is applicable for the first eight [8] schools contracted only.  Two [2] terms = 32 sessions, approximately one [1] school year.)

Non-School-Related STAF Program

Previous "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™ Students

Previous “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™ Students

As far as individuals who are not public school or any other form of physical student, costs may vary based on discussed agreements regarding amount of students and time-frames per Session with the individuals and outside-of-school entities.

For our program proposal, complete with program cost, Student data, parent testimonials, and more, Contact Us.

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