The E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven Steps to Student Success™

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Below are the names of the individual pieces of the E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven STEPS to Student Success, which are all part of the STAF Program™ Curriculum.

The specifics of the E.I.F.R. Perspective™ are taught to our Students by members of our all-star staff using the extremely popular Greek fraternity and sorority performing arts form known as Stepping:

The E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven STEPS to Student Success*:

  1. H.T.L.B.: We Are All Puzzle Pieces
  2. E.S.I.D.: The 3 Reasons You’re in School
  3. T.A.E.C.: Smaller Visual Steps: Giant Academic Leaps
  4. W.Y.T.W.: Do You Really Want To Waste It?
  5. Y.C.Y.R.: What Will Your Future’s Clothing Look Like?
  6. T.A.Y.R.: Who’s In Control?
  7. L.I.N.K.: Unconscious -vs. Conscious

Mixed with our performing arts program, this exclusive education curriculum teaches and shows all of life’s students how the things that they learn and use in our STAF Program™ can be equally and exactly transported and translated to classrooms and life through Tim Carthon‘s unique performing arts perspective.

Let us positively change your Students’ educational and life perspective!

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(*Copyright© 2015. Tim Carthon. All rights reserved.)

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