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    By Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th (Blog #3: Greek Life)

    The GLO Leaderboard

    If you are a sports fan, you know that there is always a leaderboard.  For example, in football, there is a ‘leaderboard” on NFL.com that shows the rank and statistics of each team. In bowling and golf, the leaderboard shows the rank, scores and stats of each person.  The objective of the leaderboard is to show everyone who the leaders are and how they are doing.

    Many competitors like watching the leaderboard for various reasons.  Some watch it so they know who to beat.  Some watch it for inspiration.  Others watch it for research.  Whatever the reason, the leaderboard is visible to all who want to see it.

    So, the question of the day is this.  How does your chapter rank on the leaderboard?  How are your stats?  Better yet…DOES YOUR CHAPTER HAVE A LEADERBOARD?  If a future member looked at your chapter’s leaderboard will they…(CLICK HERE to Read More…)


    Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th.

    Lisa M. Bryant, M.Th.

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